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Get all the gains without any of the losses.

How to Open an IUL Account.​

IUL's are one of the best little known financial secrets on the market.  Where else can you find a financial product with as much potential upside, plus protection from market loss, a guaranteed death benefit, and tax-free assets?  I can't think of a better recipe for a retirement portfolio.

IUL is an acronym for Indexed Universal Life.  An IUL policy, (or IUL account) is often used to save for retirement, but it can be used for anything really.  The concept is simple.  You apply for an IUL insurance policy.  The insurance company evaluates your health, by requesting your official medical report, possibly scheduling a medical exam, or simply a telephone interview.  The insurance company will consider your age, height, weight, habits and hobbies.  Like do you use tobacco, or practice a lot of extreme sports... and they determine based on your health & risk factors whether or not you qualify for them to issue an IUL life insurance policy to.

One of the first things that must be decided is how much can you comfortably afford to contribute to your policy every month.  The person that has the best idea what that answer is, is you.  We would recommend you save at least 12-20% or more of your income for a comfortable retirement.  You are never too young to begin saving for your retirement.  In fact the earlier you start the better. 

For example, I created a policy for a 5 year old; projecting at only $200/month that child could retire at 62 years old and receive over $100,000/year for the next 40 years, creating almost $4.3 million in retirement income from just a $132,000 total lifetime contribution.  I know I personally waste over $200/month on fast food.  I wish my parents had started an IUL account for me when I was 5 years old... now I know why "they say" knowledge is power... And this truly is how generational wealth is created.  

To open an IUL account you must be located in the U.S.A and either have a Social Security number or have an ITIN tax ID number with a passport (it does not have to be a U.S. passport). 

If you have not seen a doctor in over a year the insurance company may insist on a full medical exam.  If a full medical exam is required the insurance company will pay for it.  They just want to ensure you are reasonably healthy.  

If the whole process is done over the phone, the insurance company will most likely want a current photo of your ID.

Most insurance companies will require you to set up auto-draft from your bank account.  Some insurance company's will absolutely not accept credit cards or checks.  So you will most likely need to provide a bank account & routing number for your premium payments to draw from. 

The only remaining thing left you'll need to open an IUL account is a licensed insurance agent to procure your documents and submit them to the insurance company.  This is where we at are here to service you.  We work with multiple insurance companies to find the best policy for you.  In today's post-Covid world, most life insurance transactions are done remotely.  You will likely never be asked to come visit an office, and many insurance agents don't even maintain an office for the public anymore. 


Also the agents with are not captive agents that work with only one insurance company and thus only push their products.  We work independently for our clients, and we have the advantage of offering a plethora of products to choose from, between multiple insurance companies. 


The process to get started is simple.  We need to know six things.

1. Your first and last name.

2. What state do you live in?

3. How old are you?

4. How is your health?

5. Do you use tobacco?

6. How much money do you want to contribute to your policy every month?

When deciding how much money you want to contribute to your policy we can show you the projected growth with multiple figures.  So if you want to see what the growth at 10%, or 20% of your income, we can make multiple illustrations.  So if you make $60,000/year, we could show you what your illustration looks like at 10% ($6000/year | $500/month), or 20% ($12,000/year | $1000/month), or any other amount you decide, even only $100/month. It's your personal choice, so initially you should provide at least one amount we can use to create an illustration for you with.  We believe that saving something is better than saving nothing, and most Americans feel under-prepared when entering retirement... so you just need to get started!

You can use the chatbot on this website to schedule your appointment with us today.  Also please feel free to review our blog to research more IUL topics.  Or call us now to get started opening your IUL account today!

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