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BANNER 2 - Kristina Urribarres


We are very proud to announce Kristina Urribarres a.k.a. K3chocolate is joining our Financial Services team.  She is studying and training to help clients save money for the future by opening Indexed Universal Life (IUL) accounts and Fixed Annuities.  We expect her to be a major force in this industry by leveraging her influence to reach younger audiences that stand to benefit the most from opening IUL accounts.  With over 750,000 followers across her social media we believe Kristina's current "Influencer" branding will aid us in the social optics of Financial Services and illuminate how attractive these strategies can be.  Who said being "Financially Literate" can't be sexy?!  [**Who is Kristina Urribarres?? --  @k3chocolate TikTok  @k3chocolate Youtube Channel  @k3chocolate Instagram  @k3chocolate Facebook ]

Our IUL products are aimed towards young adults that want to learn how they can create generational wealth by saving as little as $150-$300/month.  Kristina and Aaron Cox of will initially set up group webinars to assist Kristina with her Financial Services training.  She is going after her professional license to help others by adding this knowledge to her tool belt!  Afterwards interested participants will get the opportunity to receive a personal consultation with Kristina and Aaron tailoring a policy just for them.

Click the blue button below to register for the initial live Zoom webinar with Kristina!


Use the contact form at the bottom of this page if you are interested in learning about how to become a licensed Financial Professional on Kristina's team... That's right, you can get in on this too!  Just let us know you are interested by using the form below.  And check out this blog post on what a career in Financial Services can offer.

Also Learn how to hit the ground running in Financial Services by visiting where Aaron Cox shares his comeback story from homelessness, living in the streets of Hollywood, to earning $10K/month, and being top 20 for IUL production out of over 3000 agents in his marketing organization!

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